The Flood

Nine thousand years ago, the Black Sea did not communicate with the Mediterranean.  It was a closed-off lake, and as the glaciers retreated at the end of the last Ice Age, the water levels fell to about five hundred feet below sea level, exposing huge expanses of fertile bottom land along the northwest coast.  When "the firmament separating the waters above from the waters below was broken," the Bosporus was opened and the Mediterranean filled the Black Sea to its present depth.  It was around the Black Sea that agriculture developed.  Could civilization have gone further in the three thousand years from the retreat of the glaciers till then?  This historical fiction explores three hypothetical civilizations there, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans, the Semitic peoples, and the Hamitic people as they cope with the total destruction of their homeland, and their fight for survival with their neighboring barbarian tribes.   I only have few chapters started, so this might be a few years in the making!